God’s Blessing

Back in the Old Testament Abraham was told to take his son, bring him up a mountain, and kill him as a sacrifice. This kinda sucked for Abraham because God told him he would have a son named Isaac and Isaac would be establish the generations. How was this going to happen if Isaac were to be slaughtered? Well, Abraham thought God would just bring Isaac back to life. Abraham didn’t freak out because God promised him. Pretty easy to not fear when God tells ya it’s gonna be ok. You kinda get a good feeling about things no matter what, huh?

How many times have we as Christians been given amazing blessings by God? We pray and pray to receive this or that, and God blesses us, and just like a kid, we take it and run shouting a heartless “Thank you!” We run like we’re afraid that this thing will be taken away, or we call because we feel this hand is as good as we want it. God doesn’t give us our blessings to hoard for ourselves. He does bless us for our enjoyment, but we also need to understand that these blessings aren’t ours, we did nothing to deserve them, and God needs to be in control of it all.

Abraham received this miracle of a child (it really was a miracle), and now God’s telling him to kill Isaac? Abraham didn’t run. I mean, God had big plans for Isaac and God was just gonna kill him?! Abraham knew that God had it under control. That’s why he was about to put a knife through is only son.

Can you willfully put a knife through your blessings because God said to, even if it doesn’t make sense? Just think, who gave those blessings to you in the first place? God made a promise to Abraham that it’d be ok. It was easy for him to believe God because God spoke to him. It should be just as easy to us, because God has given us promises abundantly and anything we read in the Bible is legit straight from God. More on that tomorrow.

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